Raw Food Reaps Huge Benefits

Type in “Raw Food” into your favorite search bar, and it will return pages upon pages of information all relating to how beneficial it is to eat more raw foods. There are treasures within these findings too, recipes, ways to grow your own, and plenty of things to be learned by the foods they’re promoting.

This post will uncover just a few of the myriad of things you can find through eating a healthier raw food diet.


The majority of foods offered in raw food diets are packed full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals (the good chemicals) which are bound to make you feel better.  Cooking of many foods and vegetables can lead to the loss of important vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform at it’s peak.

What you can eat

This one’s a bit more customizable because people tend to go one of two ways with this part.  Some choose to go mostly vegan due to the rule that you don’t cook anything you eat, and they aren’t keen on eating raw meats, including fish (sushi) so they opt for vegetables, fruits, nuts and tofu instead.

There are those also, who promote eating unpasteurized dairy foods, raw eggs, and meats along with their vegetables and fruits.  Though the big argument is that it must be bad for you to eat raw meats, and that everything you have learned says your food must be a certain temperature to avoid passing bacteria or things like salmonella and e-coli to you, the people who live this way will tell you otherwise, and that refrigeration is just as important for keeping down the spread of bacteria and organisms.  As long as anything you eat doesn’t rise above 118 degrees, you’re fine to eat it!

Benefits from going raw

You’ll notice nearly immediately that you have huge boosts in your energy levels.  If you feel yourself starting to flag, as much as one apple will instantly perk you back up and have you running off to your next adventure!

You’ll be sleeping better and needing less sleep overall at night.  No more waking up groggy and needing that first cup of coffee, it becomes a want rather than a need, because your body’s natural cortisol levels will be running perfectly thanks to a well balanced diet and adequate nutrition. This also helps keep your body’s internal circadian rhythm going perfectly, which is what regulates appetite and tiredness.

Eating raw brings about a focus and clarity that is uncanny. You’ll find yourself more emotionally balanced and in tune with those around you.  The fog lifts, and seems to shift your perception so you can focus on something for longer, and get much more accomplished.

Less kitchen cleanup is always a big plus!  Not having to cook anything you’re eating means no cooking mess, there’s only the cleaning up of peels, and packaging.  You can even decide to compost, and use the compost for gardening purposes.

Less packaging all around means a cleaner environment ultimately.  You won’t have to feel guilty about your carbon footprint or taking up more space in an already growing landfill.

You’ll find you’re more regular naturally.  You will be having around 2 to 3 bowel movements a day due to the increase and healthy levels of fiber in your diet.  This helps keep your intestines moving as they should, and prevents backups.

Things you may not realize about going raw

You can eat as much as you want, you’ll get full before you run out of food.  Your food goes much further, so you can pile that plate full of vegetables and seeds, nuts and fruit to your heart’s delight.  Another thing you’ll notice, is that eating raw will make you acutely aware of the taste of things like lettuce and vegetables from the store’s deli or most restaurants.  Organic vegetables taste far better, because they’re grown in superior methods.  Most people assume that eating raw vegetables is going to be bland and boring because this is what they’re used to.  When you’re choosing your own vegetables and buying organic, you control both the variety and the flavor you want to experience, and it’s far from boring.

You don’t have to eat raw meat to get your protein either, so if that’s not your idea of tasty, keep in mind all the manner of large beasts who get plenty of protein as herbivores.  Plant based proteins are actually easier to digest and assimilate due to the fibrous plant’s cell walls.  Fiber is digestible and helpful to our digestive process, whereas animal proteins are surrounded in cholesterol based cell walls, which takes much more work to break down, and is not good for us.  It also coats our stomach with grease which makes absorption very hard, and causes constipation.  Once the cholesterol gets into our blood, it thickens, clogs arteries, and is one of the leading causes of death anywhere.  Plant proteins prevent this, and still give you the protein you need to be healthy.

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