A Gym Membership Alone Isn’t a Complete Answer

When you make the decision to undertake a complete body transformation for better health, there’s often drastic changes that must take place. You’ll be forced to reconsider everything you’re used to buying to eat, and find time in a busy day of work and family activities to work out or be active even in some small way. You’ll need to gather information, work up a massive amount of lasting motivation, and the support of family and friends to make this count. The only step left will be tying it together into a plan that will work the best for your lifestyle. Many people, while on this “high” of feeling great about making the decision to lose weight and look great will look for a gym membership, and some might even consider hiring a private trainer. Be sure while you’re doing all of this that you keep some things in mind that the admissions folks at the gym won’t tell you.

One of the biggest things they won’t be telling you is the fact that you don’t even need a gym membership to get fit. Unless you’re planning to become a world class bodybuilder, you can get all the exercise you need outside of a gym and free of charge, or super cheaply. It’s not in their best interests to tell you this from a financial stance, and neither would a personal trainer, who will give you every reason under the sun why you need expert advice that only they can give you. Both institutions make great gobs of money off of people’s feelings of inadequacy, and it doesn’t mean that personal trainers and gyms don’t have a place, it’s just that not everyone needs to spend that kind of money on their fitness, especially if they cannot afford it, and it would mean the difference between sticking to a nutrition and exercise plan and stopping halfway through for financial reasons.

Something else they don’t say with any degree of comprehension is what you should be doing on days when a trainer is not there, or what exercises you should be doing without one at all. You stand a better than average chance of being totally lost and doing exercises you don’t need to be doing, working muscle groups unevenly, and spending pointless amounts of time basically running in place getting nowhere. They don’t let you know which machines are the best ones for YOUR body, considering you’re you, and not anyone else, and you’re not going to be built just like anyone else. You can run for hours on a treadmill, and while that might be fantastic cardio, there’s a limit to how much it can do for you alone also. They won’t explain that your routine needs to change on a daily basis to achieve proper results, and to work the right groups of muscles. These same routine will change as you reach certain plateaus or goals also, but the gym isn’t going to be telling you this either.

You don’t have to be so lost wondering what to do at a gym, or pay ridiculous amounts of money to get a healthy body. You can take complete control over the process using programs like Fat Loss Factor which will help give you a road map toward your total fitness without feeling quite so lost along the way. Programs like this keep in mind that your body isn’t made like everyone else, and that you are a normal person with a busy life, looking to get healthy. By purchasing a one time fee program, you are then in charge of the entire process thereafter, but you must be vigilant and steadfast, and keep to your program for it to work for you. The best part there is that you have no recurring monthly payments, and you don’t need to leave home for it.

There’s another thing a lot of people never consider about going to the gym, which is the social aspect. There are many prideful people, it isn’t just limited to men at the gym who are busily sweating it out on the weights or machines. It’s a heavy thing, the elephant in the room, that unspoken thing weighing on you being the only person there who doesn’t look like the model of perfect fitness. You may go completely unnoticed by the other gym-goers, but there’s that little niggle in your mind that can really end up getting to you as you wonder if people are watching your less than perfect physique as you huff and puff your way to a better body. Nobody should be subjected to feelings of inadequacy as they work for a healthier self, and you should feel comfortable as you work out. If you feel threatened by the people around you because you don’t look like them yet, it’s not likely you’ll get the sensation of camaraderie and support you’ll need to keep going.

A gym is also noisy, and busy – full and frequented by sweaty people who aren’t always the cleanest while working out. Though gym staff are employed to keep the equipment as clean as possible, a busy gym doesn’t even have the time to jump in to clean it off before the next person wants on it. There’s a white rag that might even be “off-white” at that point, used to soak up who knows how much sweat from who knows how many hard working people that is hanging over the arm of a vacant machine, and if you’re lucky, a spray bottle that might just be water. It’s not likely to smell great in there, even less so in the locker and changing areas. The only place that might get a pass for cleanliness is the pool thanks to chlorine. Be prepared to bring things to wipe down the machines yourself, and possible something you can wipe on the inside of your nostrils like essential oils so you don’t have an odorous assault if you choose a gym instead of a home workout program.

There are tons of home exercise tools you can use like resistance bands, yoga mats, balance balls, and weighted balls. Many retail outlets sell these things for nominal prices, and by mixing it up with programs like the Fat Loss Factor you give yourself the edge you need to finally shed all that weight and feel great about yourself and your future again. Don’t feel pushed into having to attend a gym just to get results, you are totally capable of doing it completely on your own.

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