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We are our own worst critics. A quick glance in the mirror usually leaves us with a grimace, as we turn side to side, pinch a bit of extra fat, examine our upper arms, and look at our side profile reflected back at us. Most of us could easily stand to look better, and feel better. The trouble is, either we’re leading too busy of lives to fit in a gym schedule along with work, family, and a myriad of activities with the kids, or maybe we have just given up long ago. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you could go to the beach wearing short shorts, or a bikini again? Wouldn’t it sound even better if we could just target certain areas, while leaving others alone completely? The Fat Loss Factor is offering this very thing, and our review hopes to uncover the raw facts with this program, so you can decide if it is right for you.

What is The Fat Loss Factor Diet All About?

Perhaps the most important thing to note about this diet is that it is only for a 12 week period.  The diet was not meant to be used indefinitely, but it claims to pave the way toward living a more healthy lifestyle that leads to more drastic weight loss later naturally.

The diet begins with a cleansing phase, which clears away all the toxins and waste that have built up from eating and living daily in an unhealthy way, so that you can burn fat the way your body is meant to.  The author also calls this the detox phase, and uses the terms interchangeably.

After this beginning crucial phase, he goes on to teach you how to eat correctly to lose weight and keep it off, and how to exercise.  He focuses on the most effective ways to firm and increase muscle mass, and provides instruction for them to be done correctly.

Looking at this in more detail, many diets offer a cleanse to be undergone in the beginning. Science backs cleanses in the form of a flush, drinking plenty of water, eating a lot of fiber, and exercising to sweat out, and excrete anything you’ve previously eaten, or absorbed.  Toxins is a rather questionable subject however, since science only labels toxins as the things we get from damaging our bodies with tobacco use or other drugs, and in large amounts, alcohol.  Any 12 week diet is likely to allow for a flush, but a true cleanse in the sense the author uses the term, sounds like a lot of hype.  A more realistic expectation is to sweat it out, and drink plenty of water to get ready for eating healthy.  It’s as much a mental routine to pump up your determination, as anything physical.

What Can You Expect from The Fat Loss Factor?

The entire program revolves around three key concepts.

Concept 1 : Prepare For Success

Within you will find a list of things you will need to see results using the program.  They include: A scale, journal, measuring tape, digital camera, and optional calipers.

After you have the camera, the author asks that you take a photo of yourself to use as your “before” picture, then measure yourself, and write down your current weight into a fitness journal.

Concept 2 : Out with the Old, In with the New

This is really where you can see what to expect while using this program, outlined in ten points.

  1. Loss of excess weight
  2. Elimination of harmful toxins
  3. Stronger Immune System
  4. Increased Energy
  5. Sharper Mind
  6. Greater Endurance
  7. Accomplishing more
  8. Better quality of sleep
  9. Improvement in overall health and well-being
  10. A new outlook on food

All but (2) sound great if they are to be believed.  (2), to reiterate, won’t get rid of any toxins that do not exist.  By eating healthy and exercising, you will not keep anything toxic in your body in the first place, if you’re running like a machine, even something as small as a food preservative will be excreted.

Concept 3 : Lifestyle “Un-Diet”

This one is a bit less structured, but covers some good things about how to care for your body and how to lose weight in a healthy way.  It centers around the idea that you have excess body fat from 3 things.  Bad nutrition, a poorly functioning liver, and a clogged colon.

A Word of Caution

Our only concern with part of the product is his “Master Cleanse” which involves three to ten days of drinking nothing more than lemon juice with water, cinnamon and agave syrup.  The author claims this is completely safe, but there exist studies who say otherwise.

This is not to say that fasting diets are not massively beneficial in terms of an appetite reset switch, and a chance to fully digest existing foods. It’s when you go past the 36 hour mark and your body begins a true starvation phase, and begins shutting down your metabolism and other functions it deems less necessary than breathing, and the ability to move. If you have ANY medical pre-existing conditions, it is strongly urged you see your doctor and find out if this is something you can even do.

The very last thing to say in regard to the cleanse and toxin subject is that any weight lost during this phase is likely to be water weight, not a lasting weight loss, nor a healthy one.  So take this part of the diet plan with a grain of salt metaphorically speaking.  Be informed.

Change your Lifestyle for a Healthier Life

There is a large amount of great information supplied in regard to what sorts of foods to eat, what to avoid, suggestions for raw foods, as well as tips and tricks literally packed throughout the entire book.

He helps instruct how to avoid marketing gimmicks that we’ve all bought into, explains about things like:

  • Why you should exercise
  • Why skipping breakfast is a good thing (and it is!)
  • What causes hunger
  • How water helps to burn fat
  • How to avoid easy excuses
  • Proper posture during exercise
  • Ways to beat stress
  • How to keep a healthy mind
  • Breathing exercises
  • Importance of sleep
  • Improving external beauty to boost internal beauty

The sheer library of knowledge he offers at your disposal is incredible, founded in solid facts, and extremely valuable to anyone looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  It will help to instruct you about matters you may never have considered in regard to your weight loss journey.

Here’s What You Get If You Choose to Buy

  • The master cleanse video
  • The Fat Loss Factor blueprint and starter guide
  • The program book.
  • Exercise log
  • Workout videos and guide
  • Grocery shopping guide
  • Monitoring and goal setting guide

Pros For The Fat Loss Factor

  • Complete 60 day money back guarantee that we have verified ourselves to be true, fast, and hassle free.
  • High motivation factor and plenty of support.
  • Easily the biggest and most comprehensive weight loss and nutrition guide out there anywhere.  It has the most information within and goes into a lot of depth and doesn’t leave you hanging.
  • Easy to understand no matter who you are.

Cons Within The Fat Loss Factor

  • There is a bit of misinformation in regard to toxins and methods with the master cleanse portion.
  • You will need bookmarks because the content has so many different points it’s covering, that it tends to skip around quite a bit.
  • It’s not for everyone.  People with metabolic disorders should take extreme care, also not for vegetarian or vegan people.
  • It requires you to be highly motivated to begin with, as the dietary changes and the flush period are extremely difficult.

Who Created The Fat Loss Factor?

The author, Dr. Charles Livingston, holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, is a certified advanced nutritionist and wellness coach, and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA with honors.  Though he promotes other products as well, they all revolve around better living in a whole health environment.  He is a public speaker and a physical embodiment of his own teachings. In 2012, he had a series called Fat2Fit which was so successful that he wanted a way to reach out in a more lasting way to more people looking for help who couldn’t make it to a seminar.  He has been featured in countless press releases and online media, where he states his goal to see the obesity epidemic erased for good.

Fat Loss Factor Final Conclusions

fatlossfactor-book-mainAfter doing our Fat Loss Factor review we can safely say this product is packed full of a TON of great information that any dieter can use for a lifetime of well-being. He cover exercise and food issues which are usually the bane of any dieters existence and raise the most questions. Typically, if any dieter can get past these two huge hurdles, the rest is relatively easy.  Being that the two biggest components are so comprehensively covered, we are giving this a 3.5 star rating.  It is worth the cost just from a resource stance, and if the nutrition guidelines are followed, it will last a lot more than the 12 weeks it was intended for.  It may be a bit too much for any new person looking for a diet program, but for anyone who finds they need a lot of help and motivation to continue, this book will become like your Bible.

If you choose to buy, we have verified this as an official link by buying through it ourselves, and can back it with the top net security offered today.


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